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nVent RAYCHEM BSA self-regulating trace heating cables


Self-regulating trace heating cables for pipe freeze protection or process temperature maintenance up to 65°C, in safe area industrial locations.

nVent RAYCHEM BSA self-regulating trace heating cables are an ideal solution for freeze protection of pipes and vessels and for process temperature maintenance, in non-hazardous industrial locations, without steam-cleaning requirement. They maintain process temperatures up to 65°C and can withstand intermittent exposure temperatures up to 85°C.

BSA heating cables use the same heating core and polyolefin inner jacket as the BTV. The earth path consists of an aluminum foil wrap and metallic drain wires, providing 100% electrical protection coverage. The polyolefin outer jacket is suitable for mild inorganic solutions and provides excellent protection.
Two types are available:

  • 3BSA2-DR (10 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 7BSA2-DR (23 W/m @ 10°C)

Key benefits:
Super flexible.

  • The foil wrap /drain-wire construction and modified polyolefin jackets provide a highly flexible cable, that is easy to handle around complex or small pipe networks.

Easy to install

  • The unique construction allows stripping the jackets in no time, for fast connection.
  • The BSA industrial connection kits are designed to minimize installation time. The junction boxes include spring type terminals and captive screws. The end seal is gel filled and allows for termination within seconds.
  • The self-regulating feature of the BSA heating cable limits its surface temperature and allows for safest trace heating of critical lines without additional controls or limiters.

Extremely reliable

  • The foil wrap /drain wire technology provides 100% electrical earth path coverage for ultimate safety
  • By using the same RAYCHEM cross-linked heating core technology as the well-known BTV, the BSA is extremely reliable in operation.
  • The BSA heating system comes with a 10-year product warranty program.

Tekniska specifikationer

Nominal power output @ 10°C10W/m23 W/m
Nominal voltage230 Vac230 Vac
Maximum circuit length 150 m150 m120 m
Maximum maintain or continuous exposure T (power on)65°C65°C
Maximum intermittent exposure T (power on/off)85°C85°C



nVent RAYCHEM BSA Cable Stripping

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